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 cover book #1
      #1   A Search for the Messiah
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Follow the Star

cover book #2
   #2     I Met the Lamb
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Kneel at the Cross

cover book #3
  #3     My Father’s House   
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Honor the King



Meet the young King in A CAMEL'S STORY, A Search for the Messiah. What will this stubborn camel discover as he follows the star to Bethlehem? Xavier didn't understand God's Plan, do you?

Meet the Good Shepherd in A CAMEL'S STORY, I Met the Lamb . On his journey to Jerusalem Xavier meets Miriam and her pet lamb. Together they begin to unravel the mystery of Passover-- Jesus came to save the lost lambs-- who are they? Jesus loves everybody!

Hear the Good News in A CAMEL'S STORY, My Father's House -- Celebrate with Xavier and his friends -- We have a home in Heaven! Trust in God's Word -- The King is coming!

The Camel's Stories are "Timeless Treasure":Young and old alike love seeing Jesus through the eyes of the camel ~These precious stories are spreading Good News all around the world! Celebrate Jesus at Christmas, Easter, and Passover and begin to learn about the Feast of Trumpets. Discover the Feasts of the LORD from a new perspective as you journey with Xavier. Wonderful anytime, these interactive picture stories offer a fun way to share your faith in Christ with the next generation~ Please journey with Xavier.

May God bless each and every reader,


Sandy Hanson & Kristi Delage.


Help Xavier spread the Good News--order online: www.christianbook.com; amazon, xulon press, etc ***Please write a review***

Author, Sandy Hanson, pens the Camel's stories on scrolls. Interesting camel facts and supportive scriptures (optional reading at the bottom of each page) make the books wonderful teaching tools.

Artist, Kristi Delage, brings the author's rough sketches to life with her water color pencils, skillfully capturing the drama of each scene. Each book is a masterpiece featuring a minimum of 25 water color paintings(8.5 x 11) that promise to "delight your eyes"! The Camel's 'priceless expressions' draw people of all ages into the stories.

Whole sale ordering information for bookstores, gift shops, etc.Translations: The trilogy is available in Russian and Ukrainian from Smirna Publishing. The Camel's story was placed in 1,000 public schools, grades 1-5 in Ukraine; Churches or organizations wishing to sponsor translations to other languages are welcome to contact us for more info.

Mission Statement : Spread Faith in Jesus Christ to the Next Generation! We are interested in supporting the translation of these stories for use on the mission field. There is also interest in performing a pageant locally as well as producing a live-action movie based on the Camel's Story Trilogy~ it is in the works! If you or your organization share any of these dreams or goals, please contact us. We would love to hear from you! Any feed back is welcome- email Sandy @ camelstory@wat.midco.net

Please Note: Camel Stoires are available locally: Ortonville, MN--Carlson Drug Store (hard cover only) and Ortonville Mercantille & Gallery (soft cover only); DDR Book Store in Watertown, SD (hard and soft cover)

For more information please contact author, Sandy HansonContact Author or Xulon Press


A Camel's Story text and illustrations©2002 & 2004 Sandra R. Hanson. All rights reserved.

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